New York interior designer Beatrice Novobaczky combines a trained eye and aesthetic with an understanding of proportion, light, furniture and textiles to create beautiful spaces that are individual and inspiring. 

The daughter of European parents, an antiques collector and a textile designer, Beatrice's Manhattan upbringing instilled in her a natural appreciation for homes that reconcile beauty, interest and functionality. Following an extensive career in marketing and production for some of the world's leading luxury and lifestyle brands, Beatrice decided to pursue her passion for interior design full time. Highly experienced at intuiting the artistic vision of top photographers and art directors, and accommodating their creative desires within the practical constraints of budgets and timelines, Beatrice found the transition to working with private clients came very naturally.

"I always start with the dream and mission of a space - How a client is going to live in it, what it should do and say and make people feel."

With projects ranging from family-friendly country retreats and beach houses to city brownstones and pieds-a-terres, Beatrice understands how to create beautiful, sophisticated and inviting homes that embody a client’s personality and lifestyle needs. Her work has gained her an international and recurring clientele.