“The house is feeling so wonderful with all your very hard work and remarkable eye. We feel extremely fortunate to have your guidance during this process, and feel blessed to be working with a really good person. Thank you for all you do.”


“The house looks amazing and we appreciate your talent so much! We are blown away with the transformation. Thank you Beatrice!”

“Just wanted to say how thrilled I am by it all. I feel you have really been attuned and helped find things I really love. The chandelier and the floor lamp being the latest exciting additions. Can't wait to come home.”

“It is all sooooo right on! Sooooo Beautiful! Thank you sooooo much!”

“By the way I am really happy with how it's all going and what a fine job you've done thus far. I was originally planning to do this all on my own-I'm glad I didn't! You've really shown me a lot of great stuff. And the room layout etc. are all top notch.”

“You are so great, so helpful, wonderful to know you.”